Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m so glad that you decided to follow our blog to our new home here at WordPress.  I’m hoping the amount of memory available here will last me a little while!  Tony’s working on how to get all of our stuff from blogspot transferred over, but for now you can still check out older posts at http://www.jacqueandtony.blogspot.com.

We had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving weekend.  My side of the family had lunch at my mom’s.  I decided to attempt to use my grandma’s recipe for making a banana cream pie.  It actually turned out pretty good – even the meringue!ImageImageWhile I was cooking away, Andrew and Sophie were watching the Macy’s parade.  Sophie felt that it was necessary to wear her glasses!ImageAfter they got dressed, the boys decided that playing their DS games were way more important than letting me take a picture.  It’s pretty obvious in their faces in the second picture!!ImageImageIt’s okay, though, because I forced them all to take a picture with me, anyway!ImageImageAfter lunch at my mom’s, we ran home long enough to throw a second dessert in the oven and then headed to Tony’s grandma’s house for dinner.  I can’t believe how big all these kiddos are getting!  The only cousin missing is Hunter, but since they spent Thanksgiving on the beach I’m sure he didn’t miss us too much!ImageMost days, I think Sophie looks just like me as a child.  But when she stands next to Cate, it’s hard to deny the Siegel in her – especially when they’re dressed the same.  I guess great minds think alike!ImageFriday was Aidan’s 8th birthday.  One the agenda was a little shopping, Christmas decorations, and then cake and presents.  Mom and I shopping from 7:30 until about 9:30 and then I returned home to start putting up the Christmas decorations.  Sophie and Aidan were gung-ho about helping me, but then they got distracted by the big box of Christmas books.ImageImageWhile they were reading, I went to work on Aidan’s cake.  He wanted Sponge Bob’s pineapple under the sea.  Although I’m no cake decorator, I think I did okay!ImageMy very own little nerd, Aidan was tickled with his birthday gifts: a root viewer and a build your own robot kit.  His big gift from us was his train robbery trip with his friends.  Could he and Andrew be any more different?ImageImageAs a side note, after Aidan’s party, Tony and I went to see a play that a couple of our friends were in.  It was called “A Light in the Piazza” and it was absolutely breathtaking.  If you ever get the chance to see it, I highly recommend it!

On Saturday morning, we finished decorating the trees.  It was the only thing we didn’t complete the night before because we couldn’t find the extension cord.  Sophie picked out her own attire for the event.  I didn’t even try to fight the battle – she has more than enough clothes and she was determined to wear a dress.  I’m little worried about her teenage years.ImageThe finished products didn’t turn out too bad!  For the first year, the kids were actually a HUGE help instead of a hindrance.  Hooray!   ImageImageNow it’s back to school for three and half weeks and then Christmas!  (Not that I’m counting!)  Did I mention I’m finished Christmas shopping???


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