Aidan’s Recital

Tuesday evening was Aidan’s first piano recital.  He has been taking lessons since this summer and shows quite a gift for music.  He was really nervous before his performance in the recital hall at IUS, but as soon as he was finished he asked if he could continue taking lessons.  We’d be remiss if we didn’t give some credit to our awesome music teacher at school, Ms. Futter.  Aidan has an amazing grasp of music theory at a young age thanks to the phenomenal job our school music program does!


I started taking piano lessons around the age of five.  I know two things for sure 1) I was never as good as Aidan is now at his age and 2) I never played a Steinway until I took piano lessons in college.  Aidan not only plays one onstage, he also gets to practice on one each week during lessons. Be still, my heart.  What a far cry from the old upright in the little closet room where I started!


Aidan really loves his teacher, Miss Jennifer.  She’s young enough to be “cool” but old enough to see through Aidan’s antics and excuses.  What a stroke of luck!


I did video Aidan’s recital, but we’re having trouble getting it to load on to my computer.  The best I can offer right now is a link to Facebook where my mother-in-law posted one of his two songs from her iphone.  Try clicking here.


In other news, last night was the eve of the Feast of St. Nicholas.  We dutifully sat out our shoes and this morning found them full of surprises!




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