Holiday Weekend

It has been a very busy week for us!  Thursday evening was the school’s Christmas program.  It’s always very well done and the kids work hard.  Our music teacher is phenomenal and always produces something wonderful.  This year, Andrew was the “mighty king” and Aidan was a shepherd.


My nephew (and the rest of the third grade) were kings as well.



Andrew had a special part…during the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?”, he was the mighty king.  He had to yell “Listen to what I say!” at the top of his lungs.  The reason he got this particular job was because he was voted the loudest mouth in third grade by his classmates.  Gee, what a proud mom that makes me!


Friday night, Tony took the boys to the Scout Christmas meeting.  Sophie and I had a girls night…haircuts for both of us, dinner at Dairy Queen, and a shopping expedition to Target.  She picked out this paint set as her project for the evening.  I tried to get a little Christmas shopping finished by slipping things into the cart when she wasn’t looking.  Didn’t work so well…we ended up watching a movie I bought that was supposed to be destined for Aidan’s stocking.


This morning was the annual Christmas show for DanceWorks.  We were so proud of Sophie – even if she’s wearing a grown-up costume and doesn’t look like a baby!







After the performance, Tony took the boys out to watch the IU game on TV while my mom and I spent some quality time cleaning our basement.  If you’ve been in my house, you know what a huge feat this is.  Up to this point, all Sophie’s toys have been crammed in her room with the boys’ stuff like a dump in the basement.  Several bags of trash and a trip to Good Will and this is what we have:


I think it looks pretty good.  We brought a bunch of Sophie’s stuff downstairs so we have more room for the Christmas gifts on Santa’s sleigh!


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