Christmas Celebration Wrap-Up

The day after Christmas, we had headed off to our last two Christmas celebrations.  For my mom’s extended family we went to my Aunt Linda’s.  My mom bought all the kids plus my Aunt Connie stompeeze for Christmas, so we had to take a group photo.  We had a wonderful time visiting and stayed around way longer than we planned.


From my aunt’s, we headed to my see my father.  We had a yummy dinner just like my grandma used to make.  Tony’s favorite gift came from this celebration…a old-fashioned popcorn maker for our bar.  I also LOVE my new mixer!

On Thursday, Tony scheduled an ice skating event for his cub scouts.  I love to skate, but the kids had never been.  They were so excited!  We had been planning to pay the $4 group rate per person, but we lucked into a special event and only had to pay $1 per person.



Sophie looks so excited about this adventure!  (That was before she got on the ice.)


Andrew may be our most athletic child, but he’s also the least coordinated.  I was concerned that he’d give up early on, but he had a great time.  Most of the time when I looked at him he was on the ice on his back, but he still enjoyed it.  I think it helped that we were with some of his friends because he didn’t want to wimp out.


Aidan really surprised me.  He’s not usually into anything athletic, but he took to the ice like a pro.  He wanted no part of sticking to rail and took off straight for the middle even though he kept falling.  He even made a new little friend his own age and the two of them held hands and skated around the rink – so cute!


Sophie was another story.  We hit the ice and she started screaming.  I refused to give in.  She refused to get up.  We had a standoff of a good five minutes while the people near us looked at me like the worst mom ever.  I just don’t believe in letting kids quit without trying.


I finally told Sophie a small white lie.  I told her that the ice rink was one way only and the only way off the ice was to go all the way around.  So I dragged her all the way around the rink.  Actually, by the time we got to the end she was doing really well and probably would have been a pro if she hadn’t quit.  Since it only cost me $1, I let her leave the ice after one round.  If it had been any more expensive, I would have dragged her around a few more times.  Tony is not as big a fan of skating as I am, so he and Sophie went in search of a snack while I stayed on the ice with the boys.

Before we left, I convinced Sophie to come out on the ice just for a picture.  You can see in her face exactly how much she appreciated that.


We woke up on Saturday morning to snow!  Finally!  We ended up with a little over three inches which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s more than we’ve had in Sophie’s memory.  She was way more thrilled about snow than ice!





So, with a week left of Christmas break I’m going to make it my New Year’s Resolution to be a better blogger!


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