Christmas Preparation

Wow, I am really far behind on posting pictures!  I have a really good excuse…I apparently caught the respiratory stuff that’s been floating around our area right as school let out for break, and I just now (two weeks later) am feeling more like myself.  I spent much of the first part of Christmas break taking decongestants and cough medicine and sleeping.  But we still managed to squeeze in a lot of fun stuff, even if I was groggy and sick during most of it.  We got out of school on Thursday, and that evening we took the kids to see “Lights Under Louisville” at the Louisville Mega Cavern.  To get the most out of our money (it’s a little pricey), we also squeezed Papa, Grandma, and Aunt Connie into the van with us.  I couldn’t really take any pictures from my vantage point in the back of the van, but I don’t think they would have turned out anyway.

On the Saturday before Christmas, we went to my mom’s house for the kids to do their annual cookie baking.  They had a really good time cutting out and decorating sugar cookies for Santa.



We have a more recent tradition (within the last three years) of decorating our gingerbread houses and watching Christmas movies on the night before Christmas Eve.  This year, we bought a village rather than a single house.  I will never make that mistake again.  Four times as many chances to screw up and have them fall apart.  Still, they had a good time decorating despite the awkward way the houses were constructed.



This year we also made cookies to go with our houses.  Tony went on a wild goose chase for me one night and managed to find this kit.  It is awesome!  Sophie and I made the ninjabread cookies together, and then we all decorated them.




We finished our evening with popcorn and Polar Express, with hot cocoa for the kids and wine for me.  The next day was a wrapping paper marathon.  Hope your traditions are as wonderful as ours!


The Sunday before Christmas we went to church together.  Sophie wore her “Madeline” coat and I couldn’t resist sharing this picture!



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