Princess Party

Our little diva turned four years old today.  Thank goodness, today didn’t come with the ice storm that accompanied her arrival in 2009!  Smart and sassy, there’s no doubt Sophie knows her own mind.  She’s extremely opinionated and very prissy.  She loves shoes, clothes, and purses and thinks nothing of using both brute force and feminine charms to get her way.



I cannot believe how grown-up she looks!  But at the same time, she still loves to snuggle with mommy and she’s a daddy’s girl through and through.  I hate to see her get bigger, but I can’t wait to see what God has in store for this amazing little girl.


I see so much of my personality quirks blended with Tony’s in each of the boys.  But it’s something else entirely to look at Sophie and see the physical resemblance to myself.  It catches me off guard occasionally.  Especially when she’s got an attitude like mine.

All Sophie has talked about for months and months is having a party for her friends.  We decided to have a “Princess Party” at DanceWorks, where Sophie takes dance.  It was wonderful!  All the guests were invited to dress as princesses.  They played games, painted, danced, ate cupcakes and opened presents.  The best part?  All I was responsible for was the cake.  DanceWorks provided all the entertainment, paper goods, drinks, and even goodie bags.  Sorry if I sound like a commercial, but anyone who has ever thrown a party for kids knows what a gift this is to a parent!

Sophie decided that the princess she wanted to be was Rapunzel.




Sophie and Emma waiting in line for Aunt Linda to give them some princess curls!





Happy Birthday to Sophie!



All the pretty princesses (and two princes!)  We are so blessed to have wonderful friends and family – everyone Sophie invited was able to come with the exception of two with prior commitments.







After her princess party, we came home to bake another cake and do it all over again with the grandparents.  One of Sophie’s very special gifts was a desk.  It belonged to Memaw (Tony’s grandma).  My mom took it and had it refinished for Sophie.  She loved it!




Happy birthday to our favorite little girl!



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