Weekend Away

Tony and I had a little weekend getaway, but not exactly to a vacation destination.  We left Saturday morning to head to beautiful…Fort Wayne, Indiana.  My oldest Girls’ State friend was getting married!  Julie and I were partners our first year at HGS 15 years ago, and she and our friend Angie drove down to Clarksville for my wedding (a million years ago).

Anywho, Tony and I made the most of our brief weekend away.  The wedding was at 2, so we got to town earlier enough to check into our hotel – which was walking distance from everything.  After the wedding, Tony and I went to 5:00 Mass at the Cathedral with my friend Hannah (also from Girls’ State).  The Fort Wayne Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was breathtaking inside.  I was so glad we decided to go!

If you notice in the picture, we were not so lucky with the weather.  We left 60 degrees and sunny in Clarksville to find lots of snow left in Fort Wayne.  It was still pretty, though.


I found my friend St. Theodora in front of the chapel!


After Mass, we met back up with everyone at the local minor league ball park for the reception which started at 6:00.  I had such a good time catching up with everyone, and it was nice to introduce Tony to my very favorite people – after all, he gives me up to them for over a week each summer!


Angie and her husband, Andrew, and Tony and I stayed until the reception venue kicked us all out.  A security guard was available to walk those of us left through the ballpark and back to the hotel, which was nice.  We ended up in the hotel lounge visiting until they shut that down a little after midnight.

I wasn’t one hundred percent sure that I could get everything arranged to leave the kids for the weekend, but I’m so glad it worked out.  We had an amazing time and I am so blessed to have these beautiful women in my life!


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