We’ve managed to keep ourselves fairly busy over the past week or so since Easter!  This weekend was particularly chaotic.  Aidan and Sophie had play auditions, Andrew had baseball, and my brother Stephan got married.  We were on the go all weekend!

Andrew is so thrilled that baseball season finally started!  He and Tony got lucky and scored some free tickets to opening day for the Cincinnati Reds, which just got him even more pumped for his own season.  He has matured so much and it is truly a joy to watch him play (much better than tee-ball!)


His favorite position is catcher, but his coach puts him at 3rd base more often than not.  Andrew doesn’t like it as well, but he’s a darn good third baseman and has had some awesome plays already this season.


As soon as the game was over Saturday, we cleaned up and headed out for the wedding.  We weren’t really “in” it, but Tony was singing, I was reading, and Andrew was serving so we had to arrive a little early.  Sophie was so excited she could hardly stand it.  She is obsessed with brides and princesses.  She was so disappointed at the rehearsal that no one was dressed up  and that the dessert was pie.  On Saturday morning, she woke up and said, “Is today the real wedding?”  When I confirmed it, she told me, “Good, today we can have cake and not pie.”

My beautiful niece was the flower girl.  I tried to get a picture of her with Aidan and Sophie, but she didn’t want to sit still long enough.  I had to make due with grabbing this shot as she was in motion.


This picture is so corny, but I love it because I can just tell how happy he is.


Sophie didn’t want her picture taken with Uncle Stephan, nor did she want to dance with him.  She only wanted to be with the “wedding girl”.  She even took her dollar from the dollar dance to dance with Denise.  Sophie has good taste, though, and so does Stephan – Denise was breathtaking.





Here’s my obligatory picture with the man of the hour.  Notice that my “little” brother is a good head taller than me.  I was wearing inch and a half heels.  Now we know where Andrew’s height comes from.



Besides being part of a very special day, there was another wonderful part for me.  One of my cousins came in for the wedding.  I hadn’t seen her since 2001.  I so enjoyed spending time with her, her husband, and her two beautiful daughters.  It just warms my heart to find a little piece of family I thought I’d lost.


Although we left the reception by 10:30, the kids were tuckered out.  They had run around and danced themselves silly all evening, on top of the busy day earlier.  I love this picture – it makes me imagine what the three of them will be like as adults.  Andrew is doing a face plant in the back and Aidan’s shirt is unbuttoned.  I totally turned around in the driveway and discovered them this way – not at all a posed photo!



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