Memorial Day Weekend


We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  On Friday evening, Tony took Andrew to baseball while Aidan and I took on a much needed project:


Saturday morning we had a yard sale for a little while.  It didn’t do very well, but while we were hanging around outside I managed to get my “garden” planted in buckets, some flowers planted, and mulch around my roses.  Funny story – my blue rose has grafted itself to my knockout roses.  I am trying to start a couple of the blue roses on my own because the grafted ones have started turning pink like the knockout rose.  I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

After the yard sale, we headed to Starlight, Indiana, for the Strawberry Festival.  Delicious food, and the boys love “racing” soapbox cars.


After we left the festival, we stopped by Huber’s to do a wine tasting and pick up Erin’s box of wine from the wine club. Such a shame that she’s not living hear to get it herself  – LOL.  Andrew was so impressed with the big barrels of wine in the cellar.



On our way out, there was a band playing in the courtyard.  Tony and Sophie stole a dance to the Tennessee Waltz in the rain.  Hey, missy, Daddy’s my waltz partner!



Although we were exhausted, we had tickets to Abbey Road on the River, a Beatles Tribute music festival that goes on all of Memorial Weekend.  We took the kids, and they had a good time dancing, eating, listening to music.




We went back to Abbey Road on Sunday to see Herman’s Hermits and Peter Noone perform.  Tony had scored some meet-and-greet tickets and we met up with our friends the McGarveys.  The weather was perfect and the music was great, even if the picture didn’t turn out so well.  I think Peter Noone is looking for an escape route.


For Memorial Day, we took the kids out to my parent’s “farm” (aka: 60 undeveloped acres).  They had a good time picnicking, hiking, and even helping a little with clearing trails.





On our way home, my amazing hubby asked if I’d want to swing past the Mt. Tabor Cemetery in Ramsey.  I hadn’t been to my MeMe and great Aunt Verna’s graves since my aunt’s funeral in 2001.  I wasn’t 100% sure where it was, and I’m never really in Ramsey since it’s a good 30-40 minute drive in the country.  It was so nice to stop by, especially on Memorial Day.  I was glad to see that someone has kept flowers there.  MeMe was born in 1909 and was a teacher, and I know she’d be so proud of me and what I’ve accomplished.  I remember a few of her students showing up at her funeral and talking about her.  I miss all my grandparents and grandparent-in-laws.  I am so grateful to the ones who defended our country and the ones who held down the fort on the homefront.  It’s a generation we will never see again.



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