KinderDerby 2015

Since I haven’t posted on the blog since 2013, let’s just agree to pick up where we left off without playing catch up, okay?

It’s Derby time in Kentuckiana.  The whole area shuts down for two weeks of festivities.  It all pales in comparison, however, to St. Anthony’s Kinderderby.  Being our third time, I feel as though we are becoming experts.  As a kindergartener, Sophie and her friends were the stars of today’s event, but every grade made a contribution.  Andrew’s class made floats and had a Pegasus Parade as well as singing the National Anthem.  Aidan’s group played the recorders in the marching band as well as “My Old Kentucky Home” and the call to the post.  Thank goodness the rain held off so our little jockeys didn’t have to run a sloppy track.


After breakfast, the kindergarteners entertained us.  I have some video, but it’s not compatible with this blog and I’m not tech savvy enough to convert them.  You’ll have to check the videos out on Facebook.IMG_2506



When the Kindergarten show finished, the parade and the marching band came through the gym.


Sophie’s horse was named Twighlight Sparkle.  She was number 26 and her trainer was her 8th grade big buddy.


The Derby started with the 5th/6th graders singing the National Anthem.


Then, we were serenaded with “My Old Kentucky Home”.


Finally, the races began!


Although my darling little jockey didn’t win, she was still pretty pleased with herself!


Here is a link to an article Tony published for back when Aidan was in kindergarten.  It’s still a great piece!

Happy Derby – I’ll try to be a better blogger!


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